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October 2, 2016 Jason 1 comment

Happy shiny people, smile! That’s if they are not annoying the hell out of everybody else.   World-wide, there’s this tiny emerging movement against all things happy and positive. I say emerging because while the pro-sadness tribe have been around for some years they are only cautiously embraced. It’s still not politically correct to tell…

May 15, 2016 Jason No comments exist

This morning on BBC radio (yes, Millennials, people do listen to radio and it was with my iPhone), I learned about Gretta Vosper and was immediately intrigued by her story. You see, she’s a pastor in a Toronto-based church. But she doesn’t believe in God or Jesus…

May 14, 2016 Jason No comments exist

The title is a tad dramatic. It’s taken from a book authored by Hal Elrod. His point is that we can improve our lives by starting the day right. It makes sense. Calm mind, calm body.   He recommends doing meditation, giving ourselves positive affirmations, exercising, and reading and writing to focus on personal growth….

April 24, 2014 Jason No comments exist

Welcome to The Doing Well Centre. We are a coaching and therapy centre focused on facilitating adults and children. Many have come here for strengths coaching: they find out about their character and ability strengths, learn resilience and mindfulness-based practices in order to build concentration and self-confidence (for example, during public speaking), and reduce mental…

December 20, 2013 Jason No comments exist

Have you registered for the Mindfulness Workshop on 8 August 2015? Registration is limited to 10 people and closes tomorrow! Email A S$15 fee will be charged for the two-hour session. Wishing you a purposeful 2014 that’s filled with mindful awareness of each passing moment. You can now find me on Facebook.