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August 29, 2013 Jason No comments exist

I have been reading Search Inside Yourself, which is no surprise since I wrote about its author Chade-Meng Tan last Sunday. In the book, he advocates mindfulness through meditation and other techniques, and self-awareness as its reward. Among the techniques he recommends is envisioning: we are asked to speak about the life we will lead several years from now. I took his advice and put my fantasy to iPad, and tapped away.

What you will see below are mental doodles about my near future. In case you believe it’s narcissistic to publicize our private visions, Meng encourages us, in fact, to talk to many people about them. As long as the vision is altruistic – I know mine is – telling other people about them begets public generosity and support. That’s the promise, anyway.

Prologue: for this exercise to work, we need to know or find out what our core values are, and what we stand for. If you don’t know and need help, try the VIA Survey of Character Strengths.

So when you’re ready, I’d like you to give me the opportunity to share my deepest, boldest thoughts with you, for the sake of therapy, mine and perhaps yours too:

“My core values are …
Higher purpose

I stand for …
Living every day with meaning and purpose: through learning; helping and growing, not just doing.

By 2017, I envision myself being a hypno-positive psychotherapist. Every day I wake up feeling energized and ready to help people understand themselves and resolve inner conflict. I work on getting every client to accept themselves, warts and all, despite the consequences that they are made fully aware of. I practice compassion as a life habit, not a religious value. I wish for everyone I meet happiness and purpose. They include friends and family, even those I am not fond of. I am happy to be advisor; counsellor; mentor and guide to people from all backgrounds and ages. I begin writing a book on Purpose and Meaning, and Self-Acceptance. My blog has become very well-known and has been cited by the WSJ and New York Times. I am sought after as a speaker and trainer. 🙂

I am financially secure, even independent. I invest wisely and consistently, and spend judiciously. I don’t need much materially: I have a comfortable home; a useable car; I can afford two or even three vacations a year and eat at one fancy restaurant every month. My most indulgent spending is on Momo (my Snowshoe cat, whom I adore). Perhaps, seminars related to my work, too.

I am psychically healthy. I practice mindful meditation and body scan every morning, and self hypnosis for pain management and ego-strengthening. Every day I share healing white light energy with people around me.

Physically I am fit. I walk at least 10,000-15,000 steps a day and perform resistance exercises twice a week. I continue playing tennis 2-3 times a week. I watch my diet to complement the moderate exercise I do. I adore Manuka honey and cinnamon, and drink 2-3 glasses of the concoction every day. I consume fruit, too, mostly oranges. I get myself a physical exam every year. The doctor says my blood work looks good, my heart pumps normally, and I have no tumors. I have healthy skin and breath.

I have self-acceptance.”

What does your envisioning exercise show?


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