When trainees get the blues

August 12, 2013 Jason No comments exist

Yes, even hypno-trainees get mellow. Sometimes.

That’s counting trainees such as I who haven’t begun the formal clinical hours (but soon!). Hours of hypnotherapy helping people quit smoking, lose weight, sleep better and cure insomnia. All the positive stuff that qualifies us as bleeding hearts.

Yet there is the casual therapy, minus the hypno, which trainees happen to undertake, stoically, I’d like to think, for anyone who happens to believe taking the Hippocratic oath commits us to full-time empathic understanding. Anyone can include, in no specific sequence, friends, family and the friendly neighborhood gossip. The outpouring ensues.

Not that it’s a bad thing. Psychotherapy is really more art than science, though the science always will be the foundation for future therapeutic artfulness. The more people trainees counsel, the more artful we become. Which can only benefit prospective clients. Plus what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, which Friedrich Nietzsche said. I had thought Kelly Clarkson, which is proof that practice makes wisdom.

There’s downside though. Therapy drains the empathy tank. What happens when trainees find our tanks half full? I suppose we could take a vacation. I’m told vacations, when taken judiciously, send positive psych-like signals to clients. Or we could get therapy ourselves. That might be nice for morale-boosting.

In my yellow moments, I’ve been doing self-hypnosis . You know, the white healing light; my safe place; lots of optimistic autosuggestions. My favorite one happens to be Émile Coué‘s “Every day, in every way, I’m getting better and better.” Say it in French, every day if you like. It just sounds better.

Occasionally I drink beer … in moderation … with friends. Because even introverts like me need company sometimes (two hours, max). How do you, as a people-helper, unwind? Write me at doingwellsg@gmail.com.



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