Strengths and Wellbeing at The Doing Well Centre

April 24, 2014 Jason No comments exist

Welcome to The Doing Well Centre.

We are a coaching and therapy centre focused on facilitating adults and children.

Many have come here for strengths coaching: they find out about their character and ability strengths, learn resilience and mindfulness-based practices in order to build concentration and self-confidence (for example, during public speaking), and reduce mental distractions. Quite a few pick up even more practical skills, such as time management, negotiations, and handling tough bosses. These are our coaching clients. Coaching has become an important part of many people’s professional and personal development in Singapore.

People also have visited us for stress, insomnia, anxiety, phobias and other reasons. In three to five sessions, normally, we train them to apply techniques to manage their emotional difficulties. These are our therapy clients.

This centre regularly organizes workshops on mindfulness and resilience. They are one of the best ways of finding out what we provide, with other like-minded people. So do look out for these events.

We are located at 1 Cheow Keng Road, about two blocks from i12 Katong and Joo Chiat Road.

Client testimonials are here. an appointment with The Doing Well Centre using SetMore


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