Word-clouding my blog

August 30, 2013 Jason No comments exist


This is a word cloud generated for this blog. For some reason it couldn’t fit in one key word: “psychology.” That’s just as well. Psychology underpins the entire blog so there’s no point in stressing the point. I’m glad the other ideas I care about have been prominently communicated: Positive; Hypnotherapy; Rumination; Mindfulness and even Singapore (because the people most accessible to me, and whom I can help most readily, are in the city where I live). “Techniques” is another stand-out. This validates my aim, I hope, of not just describing wellness in the abstract but also giving practical advice for cultivating it.

On the other hand, I’m not sure why “about,” “next,” “apparently” and “August” are prominent. They look like weasel words to me! Any clues? The word cloud also shows I’ve been talking up “happiness.” I’ll need to tamp it down. Wellbeing is what I really wish to promote. Happiness tends to give off hedonistic vibes, and that’s not been my aim.

I plan to use word clouds periodically to check on my writing, to be sure I stay “on message.” If you have other ideas I should write about, let me know! Email me at doingwellsg@gmail.com.


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