A routine makes a miracle morning

May 14, 2016 Jason No comments exist

The title is a tad dramatic. It’s taken from a book authored by Hal Elrod. His point is that we can improve our lives by starting the day right. It makes sense. Calm mind, calm body.

He recommends doing meditation, giving ourselves positive affirmations, exercising, and reading and writing to focus on personal growth. All these are good and sensible recommendations. They are not must-dos, however!


I say take the spirit of his ideas, not the letter. What is important for us to do is set a routine. For example, every morning let’s say we get used to doing 15 minutes of breathing meditation or qigong or yoga. This is followed by 10 minutes of reading a book, or listening to an audio text. Finally we get up to complete the by-now-YouTube-famous 7 minute workout, supplemented by a further 40 seconds of planking.


The point is to start every morning being able to do the same things that we know are good for us, in whatever order, no matter how many minutes we can spare. Cannot do 15 minutes of yoga? Then do five. Finish the 7 minute workout, and cap it with 20 seconds of planking. Flexibility is key to making routines work. Funny how that sounds right, yes?


For those who say they can’t get up early enough even to brush their teeth, then forget the Miracle Morning. Do your routine the night before. End the day right. The point is to do a few things that are always certain, always health-giving.


What a miraculous solution!


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