Happy starts with this clip

September 30, 2013 Jason No comments exist

You know what Martin Seligman says about living the pleasurable, engaged or meaningful life? All three confer happiness but the latter two also provide wellbeing, which as many of us know is a higher-order, more sustainable form of happy.

Sometimes, though, when engagement or meaning seem so challenging to pin down, we just need to feel happy. Which is what I hope this mash-up can give you. It’s a delightful stitching-together of disparate moments from Sesame Street to form a coherent tune. I don’t think the lyrics are meant to be understood (or that there are words, in fact). It’s meant to be enjoyed visually, auditorily and kinesthetically, but not cognitively, which is good as we don’t always want cognition to intervene in our pleasurable moments. So go ahead the press Play. And allow yourself to soak in the music, merriment, and nostalgia. Enjoy.


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